Thank You For Your Purchase

Good day and thank you for buying this book. The whys this book was written are many. I suppose all books are written by the author’s need to get some information out that he wants to share with others.

In this case, I had what I consider dire information I needed to get out, but I errantly spent six years writing it out in a fiction book series thinking that I would reach a broader audience, all the while still getting the nonfiction message out that was woven into the tale. Well I was wrong, and oftentimes the message gets lost altogether and my ability to write quality fiction surpasses the messages, I.E., love, hate, betrayal, and things of that nature.

Nearing the End of the Series

As I am about to release the fifth and final fiction book it has struck me, much like David Niven at the end of A Bridge Over the River Kwai, I am having that, “good Lord, what have I done?” moment. I have a very straightforward message here and I’ve clouded it with all this fiction around it. Then I calm myself. The fiction journey was not wasted.

I wrote some great and entertaining books that have caught some fans and I have got feedback that the message was heard. So that’s great news, but it’s not enough. So now I’m going to take all that I have learned in that realm and use it to my advantage in putting this book together in record time. Research is the enemy of that plan, but fortunately, fiction and nonfiction research are the same.

Make America Great Again

Harbinger is my simple plan to really make America great again without the helpful and watchful eye of the government. My plan is a plan for the people, by the people and completely controlled without outside interference. The overall concept is called American Pride. By book five in the series, I had also morphed American Green.

As New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently brought out such a proposed bill that has funding in question, my nonfiction Harbinger blueprint will show the Congresswoman exactly how she could pay for her green plan.

So, it’s time to get my message out of the realm of make-believe and onto the center stage. The U.S. and the world at large need this plan. We need this idea to take hold and take off. Everyone should know the slogan, “Where’s your American Pride?”

Thank You Again For Your Support

Again, thank you for buying the Harbinger of Change. I hope you enjoy the read. If nothing else this idea might help spawn the idea that will truly turn our ship around. Unless there is a drastic change in the way we do things, our way of life could be lost forever.

About the Author

Timothy Jon Reynolds has lived a very blessed life. Growing up in Los Angeles in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, he got a very good picture of the many things that life had to offer. Especially when one worked in law enforcement. Then he changed channels and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for the second half of his life. Today, he resides in Sparks, NV with his amazing wife and children.

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