Timothy Jon Reynolds

Timothy Jon Reynolds

The Man

My History

Timothy Jon Reynolds has lived a very blessed life. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, he got a very good picture of a great deal of things that life had to offer. Especially when one worked in law enforcement. Then he changed channels and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for the second half of his life coining, “My life has always been filled with reading and travel. Reading has always been my escape and I love to read and write stories of the underdog. I also love stories of men caught in situations larger than themselves, yet they find a way to endure, like Blackthorne in Shogun.”

Reading the Bourne Identity at the age of twenty changed him. It made him become a voracious reader, looking for that perfect book. By the time he was in his forties, he had developed a writing voice that could not be quieted. One of Reynolds biggest strengths is to connect complex storylines together seamlessly. Quoted he said, “I credit my lifelong addiction to chess as a the precipitator of this ability, but reading thirty years worth of novels and anything else I could get my hands on sure didn’t hurt.”

Reynolds writes fast paced novels, with rich scenery, yet has a way to be able to explain characters and places in unique ways that don’t over explain. He moves his stories forward with a purpose, and usually has multiple characters that come and go throughout the tale. Currently, he’s a regional sales manager in the medical industry and has to be able to be engaging and personable to survive in his field. Quoted about this he stated, “Well, obviously writing is no different, you have to be likeable to engage people and I didn’t start this to bore people to death. Trying not to pigeonhole myself into the techno-thriller genre, I’m also writing several short story books called the Meth Chronicles, soon to be out right here on Amazon. These books will show my range and let people know that my waters run very deep.

So come along for the ride people, I work very hard at my craft and I will put my imagination up against anyone, even Mr. King. My novel YOCTO will attest to that fact on its own.”

Reynolds final quote is, “All the writers you love, I also love, and have read almost every word they have ever written. Which also makes me the world’s biggest copycat because even though my ideas are all very original and straight from my imagination, they also are formed from the likes of Koontz, Clancy, Ludlum, Grisham, Rowling and Baldacci, just to name a few. Their words and styles are all swirling in my head, and they’re the reason I was able to obtain my voice. Of course, all of them would be nowhere without Dumas, Tolstoy and Hemingway. So forged out of the fire of all of that comes me, and according to my readers, I have arrived.”

The Mind

To my readers.

Thank you for coming to my web page, and hopefully becoming a reader of mine. Although I am not a nonfiction writer, much of my writing has nonfiction woven into it. Think of my style as fun at the movies with a message.

And the message changes. I always fought for the underdog, and as an investigator, I learned to do diligent work, never jump to conclusions. But one thing that is always consistent with my messages, and that is good, and evil exists in this world, and what path you choose to take is free will. Too many get led down the wrong path.

In Harbinger, the message is clear. Stop looking for the people who broke the machine, to be the ones to fix it. It’s okay to have grassroots ideas, be brave and share them, they might inspire others, but be prepared for resistance from the powers that hold the keys.

In The Meth Chronicles, the message is clear as well. Never offend a Curandera, and never touch the drug, meth, it will destroy your life.

Yocto’s message is LOUD AND CLEAR, but I can’t share it with you, or it will ruin the book.

Tropannos’s message? The medical world does not care about healing you, they care about protocol and not disrupting the system. And anyone that does will be in grave danger. Also, the government knows some things they are not sharing about a specific disease.

Control of the Game’s message is simple. Everyone has forgotten about the movie, “The Day After, and nuclear proliferation is now at an unstoppable path to Armageddon. Unless someone steps up and takes Control of the Game.

I work very hard at my craft, my mind never stops for you, the reader. Every word I write is for you.

 – Tim

Timothy Jon Reynolds


My Mission

Is to write believable fiction. No one is going to get into a gunfight in my novels and be talking normally afterward, as an avid gun user, I know how they work, and what each and every gun is capable of and not capable of. And not just guns.

I try to bring as much realism to my writing as I possibly can because believable fiction is intrinsic to great fiction. Feel free to call me out on anything I write that you don’t think I am writing to this standard.

American Pride

I started American Pride Press before people started corrupting the flag with a political cause or affiliation. The flag and my pride in it belong to me as an individual, not to anyone else out there trying to abuse its symbolism into partisanship. American Pride was a real nonpartisan thing, and in my Harbinger series I laid out the blueprint on how to get it back.

Someone told me to change the name, and I will not. Political agendas come and go, but real pride in my country will never wane. Don’t tell me we don’t live in the greatest country in the world because incompetence at the top (on both sides) has misguided us. We still do, and we can rise above them and fix all that is wrong. And it all starts with, we stop all the infighting. Have some pride in the gem you were handed from generations past and get along with your fellow countrymen to really make it great again.

I exposed myself and laid out a theoretical solution to our missing middle class in the Harbinger Series, and my hope is it creates a domino effect that starts the next, and we end up with our next and much-needed awakening.

In my humble opinion, that is what writing should always be about, and that is what American Pride Press will always be about.

Everything is Connected

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